Discover You!

Healthy Lifestyle

Every day you make many lifestyle choices. An individual’s health and quality of life are impacted by those choices, especially the ones that are within your control. Discover YOU! has six exhibits that feature facts, games and videos about lung function, tobacco use, stress and sleep. These are all important factors contributing to how you feel on a daily basis. We hope visiting Discover YOU! inspires you to make positive lifestyle changes!

Here’s a look at just a few of our exhibits that focus on a healthy lifestyle!

Let’s Move!
A stationary bike allows visitors to ride through a virtual scene that provides a nearly 180° field of view. Riders take a trip through a scenic park as large screens make you feel like you are moving and totally immersed in the outdoor environment.

At the end of your ride, the exhibit will share information about how many calories you burned!

Motion Games
A huge interactive screen displays the movements of visitors by mirroring the outline of their bodies in motion on a large, wall-mounted screen. Three projectors and motion sensors track the visitors’ movements.

This exhibit allows visitors to experience three activities. Virtual instructors will lead you through Zumba or Yoga, and there is even a high school P.E. coach (complete with a whistle!) to lead you through general exercises, just like in gym class!

Race to Relax!
Are you as cool as a cucumber? Prove it! In this fun and interactive game, two opponents compete to see who can relax the quickest. Players are seated at an interactive table and fitted with special headbands that detect brain activity. When players are ready, they activate the game and their level of relaxation is displayed on a monitor. The player who relaxes first is the winner!

Sweet Dreams
Sleep is very important to a healthy lifestyle. Your body uses sleep as an opportunity to rest and repair. In Sweet Dreams, visitors use an interactive touch screen to “design” their current sleep environment. Sleep with the television on? Add it to the environment and see how it affects your Sleep Score. Once the Sleep Score is calculated, visitors can change their sleep environment to improve their score. Take these tips and apply them to your nightly routine, and you’ll get a better night’s sleep in no time!

Take A Deep Breath
You will take more than 6 million breaths this year, so having healthy lungs is very important! In Take A Deep Breath, visitors will use an interactive touch screen to share basic information about their body and activity level. Next, place your finger on the sensor and breathe normally. This simple action will measure the oxygen level in your body and compare it to others, like a professional athlete or a smoker, to see how you match up!