Discover You!

Healthy Eating

Nutrition is an important focus of Discover YOU! After all, you are what you eat! The exhibits provide information about healthy eating, with subjects ranging from healthy snacking to portion control, as well as purchasing fresh, local food and even a glimpse of what some of your favorite restaurants are putting on your plate.

Discover YOU! has seven exhibits that focus on healthy eating. Here’s a look at just a few!

Snack Grab
As the old adage goes, “A minute on the lips, and a lifetime on the hips.” This exhibit will show you just how much weight can be gained based on your snack choices. Pick the soft drink and you’ll have to lift the weight you’ll likely gain if you consume this less healthy snack every day for a year.

Portion Distortion
Anyone who has visited a restaurant recently and gotten a huge plate of pasta or an enormous bowl of soup will know that portion size continues to steadily increase. In this exhibit, visitors will step back in time to see how portion size, caloric content and body weight all measured up in the 1950s. Slide the graphic on the touch screen to reveal present day portion size and realize just how much times have changed!

What’s In There?
Ever wonder just how many calories and fat grams are in your favorite dish from your favorite restaurant? What’s In There? answers that question! Use the interactive touch screen to select your favorite type of restaurant and the dishes you typically order, and the full nutritional information will be displayed. This informative exhibit also color codes these foods to let you see the difference between healthy choices and things you should probably leave on the menu and off your plate!

Take A Closer Look
Preservatives and flavor enhancers and food stabilizers, oh my! Much of the food we consume every day is filled with chemicals. In this exhibit, visitors will get a glimpse of what is really in their favorite foods. Quiz yourself on the ingredients, and then get information about better “real food” choices.